Once Upon A Time…

…that’s how all fairy tales start. My life’s story has been anything but a fairy tale and if I extrapolate it, I am certain it will be anything but a fairy tale. However nobody stops me from starting my nth blog in this manner…

That said, there hasn’t been an absence of fairies (and witches and demons) in my life. Regardless of the characteristics which I have discovered in these people, they have made my life more fulfilling, more meaningful and more… I don’t know… more “what“… more something I guess.

This blog is an attempt towards keying down my thoughts on things that happen around me, irrespective of how much they impact me. If there’s anything that affects me, it will be here. It could be technology, it could be related to environment or politics or philosophy or literature or sports!!

There will be nothing in this blog that will make it stand apart from other blogs on the net. My literary strength is very very limited and words escape me whenever I try to put pen to paper. There’s nothing that you will miss if you skip this blog. However, I do look forward to comments and critical feedback. If not anything else, they will keep me going.


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